Daydreaming in Bangkok, Thailand

The Grand Palace

Chatachuk Market

Bangkok Night Life

Ayutthaya — the ancient capital

Muy Thai Boxing

Bangkok is such a fun, clean, and gorgeous city! This was my first stop of my 17 nights in Thailand and it’s the perfect mix of everything you can ask for in a big city: great (and cheap!) food, beautiful architecture, fun parties, and a unique culture filled with kind people. Thailand is known as “the Land of Smiles”, and the people there live up to their name 100%. Everybody is very kind and not pushy or demanding compared to many other tourist destinations. I would go back to Bangkok in a heartbeat!

Places to Daydream:

Where to stay: Rambuttri Inn & Plaza near Khao San Road — Khao San (featured above) is the main tourist hub where you will find bright lights, shopping, tons of cheap food and parties! This hotel was perfect–blocks from the main road but just far enough away from the noise. Not to mention, a rooftop pool and gorgeous open air lobby– all for about $25 a night!

Best Club: Onyx

Best Bars: Khao San Road, Sky Bar

What not to miss:

The Grand Palace: gorgeous architecture, the top tourist attraction in Bangkok. Check out the pictures featured above!

Muy Thai Boxing match: how Americans love our NFL.. this is Muy Thai to the Thai people. Can be brutal at times, but very interesting to see the passion (and screaming!) coming from the Thai fans.

Wat Pho (he Reclining Buddha): What’s not to like about a 160 ft reclining Buddha?

Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn): Amazing views of the skyline. Requires a ferry across the river to reach, but you can see everything from the top. Careful not to slip walking up all the very steep stairs!

Stay tuned for the rest of the trip!



Michigan Central Station

Even though its no longer in use, Michigan Central Station is a classic gem of our city located in one of the oldest neighborhoods Detroit has to offer. Burnt down and rebuilt over 100 years ago, this station is a landmark for Detroiters and known by all who frequent the city. One of the major movements as we rebuild our city is the addition of better public transit, from plans for high-speed trains to Chicago to newly innovated local transit down Woodward. As our city progresses, the station is a representation of how we treasure our past as we move forward, even if Detroit beauty is not the most conventional!

I wanted to choose an elegant outfit to use for this location, so I chose this dress–a recent addition to my closet. This dress was an awesome birthday gift from a lifelong Detroiter and woman who embodies the spirit of Detroit: determined, positive, and fun! Glad to be dating a man who comes from a family with such style!